Getting kids into nature through the challenge of rock climbing.


An athletic approach to climbing allows for success and satisfaction. Whether training towards a competition, or working on a hard redpoint, athleticism is what allows us to set goals and build the tools needed to achieve. We learn by doing, and sometimes by failure as much as success. Kids need freedom to experiment and play, but also need a safety net and boundaries.  As educators, we treat each youth we work with in this capacity. Climbing is more accessible than ever before, but good mentors are hard to find. We love climbing, and we love sharing it. As mentors we take personal responsibility in passing on the lessons we've learned over the years.


When your child climbs with us, they're in safe hands. Touch the Sky works hard to mitigate potential hazards through careful risk mitigation. That means a small climber-to-guide ratio (5:1 or better), frequent equipment checks and replacements, and avoiding obscure crags and locations with rockfall danger. In two decades of taking kids rock climbing, we've never had a serious accident.

Our guides have all passed a strict internal certification process which Touch the Sky developed based on internal standards. Every staff member is current with First Aid and CPR certifications, and some guides have their EMT or Wilderness First Responder certifications as well.

Touch the Sky is insured as a guide service for all trips and camps, and we hold current permits with the Forest Service and BLM to guide youth rock climbing trips on the lands under their management. We require proof of health insurance from all camp participants.


The explosion in growth of climbing gyms around the US has opened the door to climbing in ways never before possible. Touch the Sky provides the next step in getting our youth outside.  We strive to create memories that will last a lifetime!